Its ok to let go

Holding on can sometimes hold us back. Recently I let go of a beautiful relationship that had served me well but was not going to serve me going forward. There is a lot of talk about not having expectations in relationships in self-love, self-development circles.  I’ve got to say I’m not a big fan of this … More Its ok to let go

How self-development got me out of divorce limbo and into my next life ?

I’ve been reading “White Hot Truth” by Danielle La Porte recently. Its been interesting reading views from someone who is on the other side of the journey and critiquing self-development. I think this is a good thing. I also think the only way to learn is to try it and take what works, discontinue what … More How self-development got me out of divorce limbo and into my next life ?

I’m Ready Now!

Available Now! “I’m Ready Now” Want a promotion ? Keeping asking for opportunities and not getting anywhere or worse getting the wrong ones ? Too good in your current role to be ‘allowed’ to move up ? Completed all the training, got great feedback, ticked every box but told ‘you’re not ready yet’? If you … More I’m Ready Now!

You’re too Aggressive!

“Aggressive” – the most infuriating, confidence crippling feedback a woman can ever receive (well, except for “you look tired”.) This post provides ways of responding to this feedback that will help build your confidence, improve relationships at work and raise your profile in your work place. It will go through reasons why you are being called … More You’re too Aggressive!