Who am I?

I am an Expert Career Coach for Women working in Technology and I help women get ahead of the pack.  I am a strong woman who supports strong women.

My name is Beatrice Crocker and my business is I’m Ready Now! Coaching. As an expert career coach, I  help women working in IT and other male dominated professions to get what they want most.

As I like to say, “you deserve to live a powerfully meaningful life”.

My clients work in senior roles in Technology, Psychology, Marketing, Science and specialist technical roles.

What do I do?

I am an Expert Career Coach that is passionate about helping women to be seen living their true purpose and who want to radiantly embrace their life, find more meaning, purpose and growth in their career.

My strengths as a coach are empathy, warmth, belief in you and what you want to achieve and unwavering confidence that what you want is the right thing for you.  I absolutely hope to share and bring these out in you too.

Who do I work with?

I work with women who work in traditionally male dominated fields who want to find more purpose, meaning, leadership and growth in their career while embracing their feminine side more as they do so.

My Life Mission

My Mission

What do I want to achieve for women?

Personally – I want women to live happy and meaningful lives where they get what they want all of the time (and don’t feel bad about doing it.)

Professionally – I want you to have the career you want, to progress quickly and go for your biggest goal possible. I don’t want you to comprise and I want you to feel supported to go for it! I want you to feel connected, belong to a wonderful community and entitled to go for what you most want.  I want you to feel radiant, in control and part of something bigger.

Society – I want women to be educated and have access to education. I want science and technology education to be easier to access and be part of. I also want the technology industry to become a 50/50 profession from education through to senior careers for men and women.


I’m so proud of my clients. They set big goals and then put all their energy into achieving them. It is such an honour to work with such passionate and talented women.   I am proud to be a strong woman who supports strong women.

I am also proud of my 20 year career in IT where I have had the pleasure to support, nurture and grow the careers of many people. It is exciting to now broaden out into my own business dedicated to supporting the progress of women


If you would love to be coached by me and find out more you can :

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