Beatrice Crocker,  Lead Coach of I’m Ready Now! Coaching and Author “I’m Ready Now!”.

I help women to be seen living their true purpose so that they can radiantly embrace a lavish life. My name is Beatrice Crocker and my business is I’m Ready Now! Coaching. As a coach, I  help women get what they want most. As I like to say, “you deserve to live a powerfully meaningful life”.

I am a coach that is passionate about about helping women to be seen living their true purpose and want to radiantly embrace their life, find more meaning, purpose and growth in their career. My strengths as a coach are empathy, warmth, belief in you and what you want to achieve and unwavering confidence that what you want is the right thing for you.  I absolutely hope to share and bring these out in you too.

I work with women who work in traditionally male dominated fields who want to find more purpose, meaning, leadership and growth in their career while embracing their feminine side more as they do so.


Recent adventures:

  • Commenced writing a blog to help women make better career decisions today, in August 2017
  • Spent much of 2017 writing my first book to help women get a promotion. And, published “I’m Ready Now” – a guide on how to get a promotion, in  September 2017. Provided complimentary as part of any coaching series.
  • Published  the workbook My Promotion Plan to help women plan in detail their next promotion, available via theimreadynowbook.com, in October 2017. Provided complimentary as part of any coaching series.
  • Started I’m Ready Now! coaching in November 2017 and commenced coaching foundational clients in December 2017.


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I have helped people gain promotion, get that job or grab a pay rise (or two) over 19 years in technology, management and operational roles.

My go to mantra is “where there is a will there is a way”.

I am a dedicated advocate for progressing women, increasing diversity in the IT workforce and passionate about mentoring women.

After carefully planning out the promotion of a junior colleague, I realised I had a framework for gaining a promotion that any women could use. Late in 2016 I began talking through my ideas and realised that a book would be a great way of communicating this framework and also to fulfil a lifelong ambition of writing a book. Finally I had a topic I was super excited about, a clear plan and evidence backed information to put out into the world.

From there I have published this book via Amazon Kindle and another ebook on theimreadynowbook.com, commenced a career related blog and I am now passionately building a business in life coaching, called I’m Ready Now! Coaching.

My Life Mission

Help women progress personally, professionally and in society!

My Mission


What I want to achieve for women

Personally – I want women to live happy and meaningful lives where they get what they want all of the time (and don’t feel bad about doing it.)


Professionally – I want you to have the career you want, to progress quickly and go for your biggest goal possible. I don’t want you to comprise and I want you to feel supported to go for it! I want women to feel connected, belong to a wonderful community and entitled to go for what they most want.  I want women to feel radiant, in control and part of something bigger.


Society – I want women to be educated and have access to education. I want science and technology education to be easier to access and be part of. I also want the technology industry to become a 50/50 profession from education through to senior careers for men and women.


How I am going to achieve this?

At the moment, I am:
  •  building a life coach business and developing my skills and experience as a life coach
  • establishing the foundation offering of the Radiant You MasterMind, from May 2018
  • writing a weekly blog to help expand knowledge, ideas and support women progress
  • planning out the first copy of Radiant Women to showcase talented women and talented women’s stories
  • working on my second book, the Promotion Toolkit
  • supporting Karundza a charity run by another B-School Alumni.Kurandza is a non-profit social enterprise that invests in the future of women in Mozambique.




How you can be part of it?


I'm Ready Now Available NOW!

I’m Ready Now Available NOW!

My Promotion Plan Graphics (2)




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