Beatrice Crocker, Author “I’m Ready Now!”

Beatrice has assisted countless people gain promotion, get that job or grab a pay rise (or two) over 18 years in technology, management and operational roles.

Beatrice’s go to mantra is “I think I can” based on her favourite childhood book: “The little engine that could”, and perhaps her family’s love affair with trains.

Beatrice takes a Captain Kirk approach to career building – to win the game you must re-write the game. After 18 years in IT, Beatrice has observed how few people understand or appreciate the influence of corporate politics and those who do, often do not possess the skills necessary to navigate these politics successfully to build a career.

Beatrice is a dedicated advocate for progressing women, increasing diversity in the IT workforce and is passionate about mentoring women to advance their careers.

After carefully planning out the promotion of a junior collegue and helping her realise that promotion in half the time planned (6 weeks instead of 3 months), Beatrice realised she had a very effective way of gaining a promotion and that other women could benefit from this plan. Beatrice began talking through her ideas and realised that a book may be a useful medium for providing an how to guide to promotion.

Many men have also expressed interest in the book, and Beatrice hopes the book will help anyone navigate their way to promotion. There are plenty of people not in the ‘in’ crowd at work, who want to get ahead.

Beatrice’s book “I’m Ready Now” will be published late 2017. In the meantime, Beatrice will be posting some ideas here on this website.

Beatrice top tips for thriving in corporate life are :

  • Know who to know and know who influences them
  • Be kind, you never know who your next boss will be
  • Be respectful, better to be known for your integrity than your temper
  • The more you promote other’s achievements the more they will promote yours
  • Getting an A+ at uni won’t get you a promotion at work, you need supporters and advocates of your work – the more the better
  • The only relationship building that is 100% effective is that done face to face and at a personal level… no social media presence will ever out pace the influence of the vocal voice backing another’s ideas in a meeting
  • Ask for and accept help often and acknowledge its contribution to your success
  • Be tough on outcomes and kind to people
  • Be consistent in the way you operate and how you approach problems
  • Ignore bad feedback

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