I’m Ready Now!


Available Now!

Want a promotion ? Keeping asking for opportunities and not getting anywhere or worse getting the wrong ones ? Too good in your current role to be ‘allowed’ to move up ? Completed all the training, got great feedback, ticked every box but told ‘you’re not ready yet’?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then this book is for you. Full of practically strategies, how to guides and step by step instructions on how to gain a promotion and move mountains without ever having to ‘tick’ a box again.


This book isn’t about fixing you. Nice girls can get the corner office but to do so they need the right strategy to get there.

Diagnose the real reason for you not getting that promotion and find out ways for overcoming, getting around or marching straight through obstacles to your next promotion.

This book is aimed at corporate women. However, the tools and techniques listed can be used by anyone not on the ‘in’ crowd at work to get ahead.

Want that promotion? Read this book now!

Would you like to provide input into the book?  Fill out this short survey here : Book Survey

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