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If you would love to level up your career book in a career consultation .  This will provide us the time to get to know if we are a great match and work through your ideas on areas to work on.

Who do I work with?

You want more.

You want a meaningful career and you want to work out what this means to you.

You want more, you want help and you want a strong women to help you.

You are frustrated, exasperated, determined, and positive.

You want a balanced, meaningful life.

You regret being controlled by shoulds or what other people/family/friends told you to do as a teenager.

You want meaning.

You want to belong.

You want to connect.

You want to make this your life.

You want to define what you do next.

You are determined, positive, a little hesitant, hopeful.

You have a driving passion.

You are ready to invest the time, energy, emotion and money to get the support you need now to create a powerfully meaningful life.

How do we work together?

Using a structured framework, we will work together to set goals, set intent and take action to make goals happen in a 6 or 12 session coaching series, held fortnightly.


I’m so proud of my clients. They set big goals and then put all their energy into achieving them. It is such an honour to work with such passionate and talented women.   I am proud to be a strong women who supports strong women.

I am also proud of my 20 year career in IT where I have had the pleasure to support, nuture and grow the careers of many people. It is exciting to now broaden out into my own business dedicated to supporting the progress of women.


All payments are made via paypal. All payment must be made ahead of the scheduled coaching session time. Payments can be made for 2 sessions in advance or 100% upfront.

How do I want you to feel while you are completing a coaching series with me?

I took these notes down the other day and it captures how I want you to feel during a coaching series. I am here for you 100% of the way and I want you to feel the power and magic that a great coach can support you to discover within yourself.

“It would feel like an explosion of joy, connection and positivity. A feeling of falling through the looking glass and running towards a fire works display of possibility.

It would feel like everything had changed, shifted and now suddenly EVERYTHING was possible, reachable, attainable and that I was part of something bigger and that I now had meaning!!!!

It would feel like I was drowning in laughter, submersed in an ocean of love with a 100 hands reaching out to take me wherever I wanted to go and then being dragged out of that ocean and shook by a gang of ancient goddesses until I broke free and vomited up all the negativity, the shit, the panic, the fear, the oppression, the hate, the pressure to go go and I woke up as a goddess set to rule my own life, my way!

I want to lie on that beach and lookup at the infinite sky and laugh out loud, knowing that I am, at last, on the right track!”